OK I am tagged by Fiona Carter a wonderful lady from Australia.
1. Four of my favourite jobs....
In the beginning I was a butcher in the supermarket.
i loved that job i have done that for 7 years.
I worked a litlle while in a craftshop called pipoos.
This was only for a short time.
Now i am working at home making beautifull things for
manufactures. That job i liked the most.
And last my best job i ever had being a mother of 2
wonderfull boys. This job is the greatest!!!!
2. Four of my favorite local places........
I love to go to Utrecht the town is so nice i love
the litlle restaurants overthere.
The second place is Amsterdam this town is really big.
It is great to walk with so many people around you.
The third is Heesch this is a small town but it has a
really big scrapbookstore.
And last but not least my own town Hattem.
It is a nice litlle town with small shops but i love to
live there.
3. Four of my favourite foods.....
I really like everything so I can not say which i prefer
i like it all.
4. Four of my favourite international places.....
It is not far away of or own place but we have to go by
boat.Texel that's the place i want to be every
second is the south of Germany.
Third is disney Paris we have visited that only once
but i hope to go there one more time.
Last I hope my dream will come true?????
Visiting the USA and meet my Design team members
of Maya Road.
So this was me I hope you enjoyed tagging me Fiona!!!
Have a nice day!!!!

2 reacties:

Fiona Carter said...

Hi Greetje

Thanks for playing along. Loved reading your answers, nice to hear some different places mentioned. I loved Amsterdam too.

Have a great weekend. I owe you an email :-)


M@risk@ said...

Your canvas is great, love the details, the pockets. Really nice job. Will keep this is mind for one of my boys. The youngest is always collecting all kind of stuff so this would be an perfect way to scrap his habbit!